Senior Award

The Chiara D'Onofrio Foundation was established to honor the memory of Chiara D'Onofrio, who dedicated her brief but intense scientific career to the study of the complex mechanisms of immunology.
The Foundation promotes studies and research in the field of cell and molecular biology and intends to promote an integrated vision of science and philosophy.
The SIBBM supports, together with the Foundation, the Chiara D'Onofrio Award, destined to Italian researchers also working abroad who are below 42 years of age, exactly the age of Chiara when she passed away. This prestigious award recognizes scientific excellence for research in the field of molecular mechanisms of cell growth and differentiation, consists of € 10,000 and is awarded every two years. The winner is decided by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation, which includes the President of SIBBM, and is delivered directly by the President of the Foundation, Dr. Francesco De Leo, during the annual seminar of SIBBM.