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How to become a member

Membership is not automatic: you must address your request to the SIBBM Executive Committee. To initiate your membership request, fill the form below.

The applicant should indicate the names of two regular members who can support their application, who will be directly asked to confirm by SIBBM secretariat. The application will then be assessed and approved by the Steering Committee.

You become a member only after being contacted by the SIBBM secretariat and after paying your membership fee for the current year.

To become a supporting member please contact the SIBBM Secretary directly by email.

How to pay your first membership fee

You should pay your first membership fee only after receiving confirmation that your membership request has been approved. You may process your payment by bank transfer using the following data:
SIBBM - Società Italiana di Biofisica e Biologia Molecolare
UNICREDIT BANCA DI ROMA - Agenzia Catanzaro Lido 01506 - Anita Garibaldi 2, Lido, Catanzaro 88063
IBAN: IT90M0200804403000100407453
Purpose of the payment: SIBBM membership for YYYY (your full name), where YYYY is the year for which you are paying the fee.

Member information

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In the absence of names to indicate, they should send an e-mail with their curriculum vitae to and

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