The society


Art. 1 – Member Categories and Payment of the Annual Fees

The Members of the Society are classified in:

  • Regular Members: Regular Members can be elected to the Executive Committee; they have the right to participate and to vote in the General Meeting of the Members on all items on the agenda.
  • Junior Members: Junior Members are graduates under the age of 35 who do not currently hold a permanent position at a university nor with a public or private research institution. The Junior Member achieves the status of Regular Member, provided he/she has at least three publications in international scientific journals, either upon completion of their 35th year of age, or after acquiring a permanent position at a university or with a research institution. They have the same rights as the Regular Members.
  • Supporting Members: Supporting Members are individuals, institutes, bodies, foundations, associations, and private companies who wish to contribute to the development of SIBBM. Supporting Members provide funding and resources for the activities of the Society. The Supporting Members are represented by a delegate and have the same rights as a Regular Member, with the exception of the possibility of being elected to the Executive Committee.
  • Honorary Members: Honorary Members are those who have made major contributions in the field of life sciences; or those who have contributed exceptionally to the development of SIBBM. Honorary Members are exempt from the annual membership fee and have the same rights as Regular Members. After the proposal of an Honorary Membership by the Executive Committee, the appointment of the Honorary Member will take place at the next General Meeting.

Members are required to pay their annual membership fee for the current year, by the date of the Annual Scientific Meeting. Periodic payment reminders will be sent by email to defaulting members. Any member who is not in good standing with the annual fee payment for three consecutive years is automatically considered a non-member of SIBBM.

Art. 2 - Admission of new members

To apply to become a SIBBM member, the candidate must fill-in the online form (LINK), pro-vide a list of his/her publications (minimum 3, maximum 5 for individual above 35 years of age), and the names and emails of two Regular Members who can support their application. Membership applications must be approved by the Executive Committee. The membership will become effective upon email communication by the SIBBM Administrative Secretary and receipt of payment of the membership fee for the current year.

Art. 3 – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President and 7 Counsellors, 5-6 from Regular Mem-bers, and 1-2 from Junior Members. One of the Counsellors is selected by the President to act as Manager-Treasurer - see Art. 4. The Executive Committee deals with all management issues concerning the Society, and in particular:

  • development of the Society's activities, examining proposals and promoting initiatives aimed at achieving the Society's goals;
  • administration of the assets of the Society and expense authorization;
  • promotion and organization of the Scientific Meetings;
  • assembly of the Members’ General Meeting;
  • proposals of appointment of Honorary Members at the General Meeting, citing the motivation;
  • proposals regarding the amount of the annual membership fees at the General Meeting;
  • decides on the dissolution of Membership due to resignation or default of fee payments.

The Executive Committee is convened by the President at least 4 times a year with prior no-tice of at least 15 days and can also be convened by teleconference. Any Member of the Execu-tive Committee who fails to attend the Executive Committee’s meetings three consecutive times, without justification, will automatically be removed from office.

For every vacant position, at least two candidates must be presented. The candidatures can be submitted to the Executive Committee by Members or by the Executive Committee’s Counsel-lors. If more than one new Counsellor must be elected, the number of candidates must exceed the number of vacancies by at least one. The candidate(s) who obtain the highest number of votes will be elected. In case of ex aequo, the youngest candidate will be elected. The vote must be secret and will be cast electronically.

The defaulting members are not eligible for any SIBBM positions.

Art. 4 - Roles of the President and the Manager-Treasurer

The President represents the Society, holds the Society's signature, convenes the Executive Committee at least four times a year and presides over the meetings; promotes the implemen-tation of the resolutions of the General Meeting and of the Executive Committee and decides on urgent matters after consulting with the Executive Committee.

The Manager-Treasurer assists the President in the organization of the Society's activities, prepares the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly, and subsequently submits them for the Executive Committee's approval, regularly updates the list of Members; registering all membership fees and verifying all payments, keeps track of the Society’s financial balance; providing updates regarding the Society’s finances to the Ex-ecutive Committee. The Manager-Treasurer is selected by the President from the Members of the Executive Committee and is flanked by a general Administrative Secretary for the man-agement of ordinary correspondence.

Art. 5 - Impediment and resignation

In case of impediment or resignation of the President before the expiration of the mandate and before the designation of a President-elect, the interim Presidency is assumed by a Coun-sellor who has been selected by the Executive Committee, to serve until the end of the Social Year. The Counsellor replacing the outgoing President in the interim retains the right to be a candidate in the following elections and may be elected as President. In this case, the Presi-dent may be elected directly and will not be regarded as a President Elect.

Art. 6 - Meetings and Assembly

The General Members’ Meeting is held during the Society's Annual Scientific Meeting. The As-sembly is formed by all Members with all membership fees paid in full.

The General Assembly has the following attributions:

  • approves the annual report and the financial statement presented by the Executive Committee;
  • examines the proposals of the Executive Committee regarding the scientific and finan-cial program of the Society's activities for the following year;
  • establishes the amount of the association fee for the following year after examining the proposals of the Executive Committee;
  • deliberates on various proposals and issues indicated on the agenda.

Members who wish to submit topics to be included on the agenda of the Executive Committee, including amendments to the Articles of the Statute, must do so at least one month prior to the date of the next General Meeting.

The resolutions of the General Assembly are taken by a majority vote of those present.

Art. 7 - Votes

The Executive Committee may submit any resolution to the Members by email or during the General Meeting. In the case of electronic voting, at least twenty days must pass between the date of dispatch of the question and the deadline for the vote. The canvass of all the votes must be brought to the attention of all Members.

Art. 8 - Scientific Meeting

According to the Statute, the Executive Committee will organize an Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society every year. Any decision not to hold the Society Meeting must be submitted for the approval of the Members.

All Members have the right to present communications at the Scientific Meeting.

The Organizing Committee of the Scientific Meeting, by delegation of the Executive Commit-tee, can also accept communications from non-Members.

Art. 9 - Society assets

The company holds a bank account in the name of SIBBM to facilitate the management of its assets. The current account carries the signature of the Manager-Treasurer in charge. It is the responsibility of the Manager-Treasurer to keep the Executive Committee informed on the fi-nancial balance, verify the payment of the annual fees by the Society’s Members and to docu-ment and carry out the cash transactions required for the activities of the Society. The finan-cial statement of the SIBBM is submitted annually to the General Meeting for approval by the Members. The current year's budget is sent to the Executive Committee, and the balance of previous years can be consulted by the new members of the Executive Committee.