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Crowdfunding for the symposium in memory of John L Telford

Symposium in memory of John L Telford.

The Organizers want to celebrate his contributions to science with a symposium on his lifelong interest: to develop new vaccines for a better world. To be able to hold the symposium live in Siena it has been scheduled on 8-9 September 2022.

The faculty includes outstanding scientists from Europe, USA and Japan who have collaborated with John over the years in different areas of vaccine research ( and who will generously cover their own travel expenses

The Organizers are reaching out to you, who have crossed paths with John as friends and colleagues, to ask you to contribute to making this event feasible with a donation, however small. Donations can be made at the following link, set up by the University of Siena, which will host the symposium: see details .

Although participation in the live event is limited, all donors will be able to attend the symposium by live streaming.